Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Well I'm back again with heaps of news and a freebie for you.

First of all, its Stone Accents 1st Birthday in September, wow I can't believe its been a year already, and we have some great presents to give to everyone who joins in on the celebrations.

I nave a new kit in the store at SAS tomorrow and it will be at The Scrapping Garden on Friday, and at Nuts4Digi once the store is back up and running, its called 'Sour Grapes', I was stuck for a name so I asked my 12 yograndaughter what she thought was a good name for the colours and she came up with Sour Grapes!

Have any of you ever wanted to do something activily to improve your quality of life, instead of being stuck in a ratrace, well here in Australia a couple of wonderful ladies decided to do just that and they formed a group called The Wildly Wealthy Women, to mentor and help improve women's lives. I have been with these ladies for 4 years now and the things they have taught me, on how to improve my life and make myself finiancly independent, have been fantastic. They have now branched out to America, so if anyone one is intrested in finding out more about improving their life, there is a link on the righthand side of my blog, go have a look, it costs nothing to look and see if it is something that you would like to learn, I highly recomend it.

Well now for your freebie, it is made with my new kit Sour Grapes, I hope you enjoy it.

enjoy and don't forget to leave some love.