Saturday, 14 April 2012

New Kit

Hi everyone, well I am back with a new kit and a new freebie for you.

I loved doing this kit, I love frogs. Many years ago we saved from tadpoles from a friends swimming pool, they turned out to be Green Tree Frogs, and my boys so enjoyed watching them transform in full grown frogs. We had a wonderful pond full of lush tropical plants, and meshed in to stop the many snakes from getting in, and at one stage we had over 30 green tree Frogs. Sadly when I moved house I had to leave the pond behind, but I did bring 3 of our favourites with me, Hulk, One eye, and Greenie. Greenie died a few years back but Hulk and One eye are still with me, they are about 15 years old now and are such great family members, so this kit is for them.

Feeling Blue ( I thought that sounded better than Green), is jammed packed with wonderful elements, great for Spring and Summer.


you can get it here
and at the moment with the great sales we have going you can get it for 33% off or the Bundle at 50% off. Here is a freebie QP for you


Enjoy, everyone and I will be back next week with another freebie for you.