Sunday, 14 August 2011


Hi to all my readers, well it’s freebie time again. Boo has been very busy again, with another 2 beautiful kits. Her first one is great for all you in the northern part of the world, Summer Fun, full of bright colours and BBQ or Picnic fun. The 2nd kit is for all you expectant mums out there, a wonderful soft kit for all your pre baby and post baby pictures.

they are both on sale over at the Studio and the bundles are a fantastic 40% off at the moment.
and after you have grabbed your freebies here, head on over to Boo’s blog and grab a stack of them there.

here is Summer Fun.

and here is the freebie

and here is Great Expectations

I will have a new kit out later this week, here is a sneak peek for you

and here is the last freebie

I hope you have a great week and don’t forget to come back later this week for my new kit.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Freebie time again

Well I’m finally back. I have been a bit slow, but today I have 2 treats for you.

Boo, who has been super busy redecorating on the home front, has 2 new kits out this week, I really admire her and how she does it, I’m flat out trying to get one every two weeks, she sure is a super designer. Both of these kits are on special over at the studio, and the bundles are 40% off.
The first kit is a great one for all those holiday snaps, Black Rock and it’s piled full of all her usual stuff.

and the second kit is just stunning, named after the Beatles song, Strawberry Fields Forever, oh the memories.

don’t forget to head over to Boo’s blog for all her fabulous freebies that go with these kits

and now for your freebies

the first is Black Rock

and here is  a layout I did for Strawberry Fields Forever

and the Quickpage