Saturday, 9 November 2013

Tunes That Speak To Your Soul Collection + Freebie

If life is a song, then scrapbooks pages are like sheets of music. Some pages are filled with grand pianos and tambourines, others trombones and D minor. Scrapbooks, like music, are a way to express emotion and reflect, and whether you're a Motown or a Mozart, a reggae or gospel fan, you'll find everything you'll need for scrapping about your musical every day in this mega collection by JulieC and PMarie designs. Perfect for decorating concert and high school band photos, trips to the symphony or the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, or even just scrapping about your favorite band or album, the collection includes a huge selection of musical instruments and decorative elements, along with word art and brushwork, journal cards, mats, tags, and flair. There are solid papers, patterned, and embossed, plus 3 unique alpha sets and coordinating puffy stickers. Let your whole life be a song and your scrapbook the musical notes - from Abba to the rolling stones, Bon Jovi to Marvin Gaye, this collection will get you singing and you'll scrap the day away!

 Introducing: Tunes That Speak To Your Soul by JulieC Designs & PMarie Designs

Save with the Tunes That Speak To Your Soul Bundle!  A 70% savings!!

Here is a Quick Page Freebie made with Tunes That Speak To Your Soul! Enjoy!

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